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Saturday, July 15, 2006

little Isloo poo

(as seen from a plane window)

these are the hangars,
the airforce things, and these,

this is pindi, the roads curve,
go everywhichway

someone in that box is hearing my plane take off,
being stirred from sleep.

a congregation of lorries,
or buses, could it be the
Daewoo place?

this is your Layyeh. the
nala running through. what
happens to all the houses around you, when you

and here you have a
pool, the water crystal clear for me
peering from above. you, swimmer, have
no privacy.

(do you find it strange
that I am talking to you?)

your roads are getting
straighter, boxed,
this must be you, then,
Isloo. unmistakably neat, and cars crawling along.

but this, i don't recognize.
some electric pole, an
unfamiliar curve of a road,
a landmark that just looks different from above.

and now you grow faint,
behind the thin cover of cloud.

-10th July, 2006


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